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Gary W.

March 26, 1956 – January 5, 2018

Gary Schwetz
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Lauren, I want to apologize for my message not being private especially including the insurance comment. I apparently got in trouble with the reCaptcha. It jumped around a bit and then sent and apparently it dropped off the private. I am so sorry. Jean
Ed and Jean Howell - Tuesday April 10, 2018 via Condolence Message
Dear Lauren and family, Ed and I are in FL for the winters and Ed reads the Lancaster paper each morning and he told me of your Dad's passing. I am so sorry that I did not write or at least send a condolence at this site long long before this. I have had a card for you forever and tried and tried to find someone who had your address and finally I am writing to you here. We will be home in time for the service. Lauren, I would like to say that we are so sorry for your Father's passing. I cannot as I am sure you have to feel the same to see such a wonderful man, such a wonderful person suffer like he did. We are so sorry that such a beautiful person would have to be so ill, suffer so much with the loss of your Mother and then to suffer physically so severely. We could only be thankful that he could finally be relieved of his misery and go to be with your Mother. When Eddie told me, I could only say "Thank you Lord". I hope that does not hurt you, Lauren, He was so brave to go through so much trying for your Mother and trying for you and your family, to be well again. We only got to know your Dad when he was ill, but what a sweet, kind, lovely person he was. We both admired him so much and we adored your dear little Mother. We had the privilege of taking them a couple of times for his treatment and to social security. I still remember that dear little, very brave little girl (that is the way I always think of her, but she was so strong) going into social security insisting on taking a crate of paperwork to get insurance for your Dad. She was also carrying her oxygen along. When we got back in the car, she was absolutely jubilant and said I got all four insurances for Gary. As you know at that point she was already very ill, but still taking care of your Dad. They were truly two sweethearts and I am sure they still are. One day, we were bringing your Dad home from a treatment. It was not a good day, he was not feeling at all well. I made a comment about your little one and he immediately went to his cell phone and showed us the video of your Mother bouncing Jude on her knee. He beamed from ear to ear. Stephanie, you must be exactly like both your parents to be so brave through all this. I can't imagine any child going through this with both her Mother and Father and for such a long time. You are amazing and I just pray for you that the Lord is and has been so close and so comforting in your heartache. I lost my parents when they were in their older years and I was much older than you and yet, I know the suffering just at losing them without watching them suffer. They were so blessed to have a daughter like you. May God bless you and keep his arms wrapped firmly around you to comfort you and give you peace. Your child is so fortunate to have such a wondeful person for his Mother. May God bless you and give you some moments of relaxation and eventually joy again. Love you, sweet girl. Jean and Ed
Ed and Jean Howell - Tuesday April 10, 2018 via Condolence Message
Gary's premature death deprives this unhappy planet of a person who had made significant and meaningful contributions. Working with him was always a pleasure, and I never ended a visit to his office without learning something new. It was dreadful to witness Gary's decline, and inspiring to see his fortitude and courage in a losing battle. My condolences to his entire family. His death leaves a big, empty space in this world; one that won't be too easily filled by someone else of his stature, talents, and generosity.
Clark Greisman - Tuesday January 23, 2018 via Condolence Message
We are very sad to have lost a beloved brother. Gary was a smart, funny, loving and kind man, and we will miss him greatly. He suffered some unimaginably difficult times during the last few years, but never complained or became embittered; he was so inspirationally patient and courteous with the caregivers and people surrounding him. In addition to his serious illness, he endured the loss of Stephanie, his wonderful wife and tireless advocate who supported him through many years of surgeries and recoveries. Thankfully he can now be reunited with her in Heaven. Since Stephanie’s tragic passing, Gary's loving daughter Lauren has done an incredible job of taking care of him. She has managed all his medical care and financial matters, and acted as his advocate with the medical treatments he's had in the last few years. She's also consistently been there for moral support as he dealt with continuing health setbacks. We cannot thank her enough for her selfless loving devotion and care for her Dad. It surely made his last years far more tolerable. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lauren and J. Adam as they cope with this painful loss of their father, and we are thankful that Gary is now in a better place, with his beautiful wife Stephanie. Diane and Ray
Diane Schwetz & Ray Kaczorowski - Monday January 15, 2018 via Condolence Message
I am so sorry to hear about Gary. We graduated together in 1974. He was always so nice. I got a chance to talk with Gary and his wife at a class reunion a few years back. Such a nice visit. Although he was unable to attend the class reunion 4 years ago, we all were thinking of him. He will have a candle lit in his memory at our next class reunion along with our other classmates that have gone on before us. You have my deepest sympathy during this most difficult time.
Carol (Carlson) Pilgrim - Sunday January 14, 2018 via Condolence Message
My deepest condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time. Sincerely, Tom Armer
Tom Armer - Wednesday January 10, 2018 via Condolence Message
Dear Bill & Gloria, We were so saddened to get this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of your family. Sincerely Wally & Anita
Wally & Anita - Wednesday January 10, 2018 via Condolence Message
Gary was a student in the Longwood Graduate Program at the University of Delaware while I was Program Staff Assistant. He was a pleasure to work with and Ron and I enjoyed our many social interactions with Gary and Stephanie. I live near Wilmington and followed his career at DCH. Such a terrible loss! Our prayers go out to Gary's family.
Gerry Zuka - Tuesday January 9, 2018 via Condolence Message
To Jonathan: Greetings Jonathan on this mournful occasion. My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father. We know your father must have valued life dearly for amount of struggle, fight, and perseverance he demonstrated to hold onto it. Jonathan, I found it to very honorable to your father in your dedication to help him, and be by his side for comfort and encouragement; this is great demonstration of the compassion that is within you. I think I have some idea, having worked with you and talked with you the tremendous stress that resulted in your personal life and action due to the circumstances you were subject to and accepted, though you may have found it difficult to cope with. Though I know this loss is painful, I remain encouraging to fight through it as your father did, and may you find perfect at the feet of God the Father who promises to never abandon you in a time of trouble. Seek HIM, and live life to its fullest and to HIS intended will for you. God's blessings to you and your family. I still offer my ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on should you choose to. Tony
Tony Ice - Tuesday January 9, 2018 via Condolence Message
I went to Catholic School and Cadott High School with Gary and remember him fondly. My deepest sympathy goes out to your family; God bless you at this difficult time.
Mary (Goettl) Javner - Monday January 8, 2018 via Condolence Message
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